2017 ASTR Conference ASQ Reliability Division IEEE Reliability Society

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About the ASTR Conference

The Accelerated Stress Testing and Reliability conference was established in 1995 by the IEEE CPMT. Since then, ASQ Reliability Division and the IEEE Reliability Society have become the sponsors of the 19th Annual ASTR scheduled in 2017. ASTR is designed to help professionals ensure that their electronic and mechanical systems are robust and meet world-class standards for design quality and durability. Accelerated Life testing applies to any product, and the methods and approaches are many. This conference will present topics through short sessions and workshops.

Directly Relevant

Demand for increased reliability requires new methods and technologies. Accelerated Stress Testing (AST) is being embraced by an increasing number of companies worldwide who are seeking to reconcile a need for the highest quality product with a faster time to market. The ASTR conference aims to share ideas on new ways to effectively model, detect and remove the causes of product field failures. One key tool is accelerated testing based on the capabilities and limits of materials and systems under environmental stress conditions. Through the process of stimulating the materials and hardware to operational failure, and then understanding the root cause of the physical weaknesses and implementing improvements has been found to be one of the most efficient ways of making a mature product in the shortest time.

Focus on New Ideas

The purpose of the ASTR conference is to share these new ideas and continue dialog with the test and reliability professionals on better ways of accelerating and detecting hidden defects, flaws, and weaknesses in products that would result in failures during use. These techniques are focused on testing hardware to operational and possibly destruction limits, and then conducting root cause investigation to determine the physics-of-failure and cost effective improvements in durability.


The goal of AST is to produce mature products at market introduction.